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I have many app ideas, but I didn't build it. Can anybody purchase it or build it?

Categories: Software

1. Shopping for food App

The thought is to make a shopping for food application that proposes shopping records from the accessible financial plan. Things on the shopping rundown and store proposals are recommended in view of area, spending plan, date, and history of the buys. Moreover, AI innovation can be carried out in light of procurement history and current information.

2. Mind-set Monitoring App

An Android and iOS application that allows you to rate your day and search for designs that influence your mind-set. You would have the option to add and assess exercises, areas, occasions, that occurred during the day. The thought is that the application will investigate your previous exercises and will search for designs. In view of that, it will give you ideas to work on your temperament.

Here is an illustration of an Android and iOS application from where you can get motivated. The application was created in Felgo, a cross-stage application improvement device.

3. Informal communication App for Single Parents

A stage for single guardians where they can share their inclinations, tips, encounters, and considerations with one another. This versatile application will match the guardians in view of the data they give about themselves (e.g.: number of youngsters, age of the kids, area, interest, and so on.).

4. Brand Identifier App

This brand identifier application will permit clients to become familiar with a particular brand or item. By checking the logo or tag of the thing, the portable application will list articles, data, and news about the maker as well as about the item. On account of attire things, it will likewise let the clients know regardless of whether it is genuine.

5. AR for School App

Numerous understudies battle with figuring out specific subjects in school. This application works with the outline of mind boggling materials showed in classes like Chemistry or Biology. By applying Augmented Reality innovation, the application means to help understudies imagine and better grasp complex subjects. You can just foster expanded reality applications utilizing Felgo, a cross-stage application improvement structure.

6. Show App

The application empowers you to introduce your 3D models anyplace. This application will permit you to bring your 3D models into your iOS and Android mobiles, and represent them any place you wish. The thought could be flawlessly utilized for business project introductions as well as in numerous different fields.

7. Providing food Service App

A versatile food requesting application that empowers clients to put in their requests ahead of time. When the request is set, clients will be educated about the conceivable time for get. Through this application, clients don't need to manage holding up in line as their request will be prepared when they show up at the café.

Go ahead and create and explore different avenues regarding this thought. You can just foster the application layout for both Android and iOS utilizing the free cross-stage improvement apparatus. When the layout is prepared, you can tailor the application to various cafés' requirements.

8. Superstar Identification App

Have you at any point wound up in a circumstance where while watching a film, you just couldn't recollect the name of the entertainer? A similar recognizable proof strategy could be utilized for this thought that the famous application, Shazam, was based on.

You can just snap a photo of the big name you might want to get more data about. When the image is gone through the application, it will give you the most helpful data tracked down on the web.

9. Other Recognition and Identification App

In view of the previously mentioned strategy, melodies or VIPs can be recognized, yet additionally motion pictures, TV shows, fragrances, and so forth.

10. Virtual Shopping App

A virtual shopping application that can be utilized to make a shopping list at a particular store. It would likewise let its clients know whether the chose item is accessible at the closest store to their area. In the event that the things are unavailable, it would likewise provide them with a proposed rundown of where they can gather them.

11. Worker for hire Finder App

Through this application, clients can track down workers for hire in any field. Clients can likewise present their prerequisites, analyze costs, or read audits about past administrations. They can choose their dependable suppliers in view of accessibility, rating, area, and cost.

12. Note Sharing App

Did you miss the talk, gathering, workshop, meeting or a class? Might you want to see the notes from the occasion, yet can't find any individual who might have it? The thought behind this application is to make a stage where clients can transfer, offer, or remark on new or existing notes about a specific subject.

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I have many app ideas, but I didn't build it. Can anybody purchase it or build it?