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How to Rock the Traditional Garba Look In Navratri Fashion

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Navratri is a time of vibrant colors, energetic dance, and customary magnificence. It's the ideal event to submerge yourself in the rich culture and style of India. Garba and Dandiya Raas, the customary people moves of Gujarat, are at the core of Navratri festivities, and the design related with these occasions is similarly energizing. 

The Traditional Chaniya Choli:

The chaniya choli, a three-piece outfit comprising of an erupted skirt (chaniya), a fitted shirt (choli), and a planning scarf (dupatta), is the quintessential Garba outfit. Choose a chaniya choli with energetic tones, many-sided weaving, and mirror work for a valid look.

Color Selection:

Traditional Garba outfits are known for their lively and differentiating colors. Settle on shades of red, green, yellow, or dazzling pink to make an eye-getting troupe that celebrates the goddess Durga's nine forms.

Intricate Embroidery and Mirror Work:

The beauty of Garba outfits lies in their multifaceted enumerating. Search for chaniya cholis with intricate weaving, reflect work, and beadwork. These embellishments add a bit of opulence to your attire.

Drape Your Dupatta:

How you wrap your dupatta can have a tremendous effect in your Garba look. The traditional Gujarati style includes creasing and enclosing the scarf by a mind boggling way, adding to the authenticity of the outfit.

Accessorize with Bangles:

Stack colorful bangles on your wrists for a legitimate Garba look. The clunking of bangles as you dance adds to the festive atmosphere. Choose a mix of glass, metal, and lac bangles for an amicable mix of textures and colors.

Statement Earrings (Jhumkas):

Jhumkas, the notable Indian studs with intricate designs and dangling elements, are a high priority extra for Garba. They outline your face perfectly and complete the look.

Maang Tikka:

The maang tikka, a brow extra embellished with stones and dabs, adds a dash of great appeal to your Garba outfit.  It's a significant piece of traditional jewelry.

Ghungroo Anklets:

Ghungroo anklets make a melodic sound as you dance, adding an additional layer of bliss to your Garba experience. Choose lower leg chimes that match the shades of your outfit.

Oxidized Silver Jewelry:

Oxidized silver jewelry, similar to neckbands and bangles, adds an ethnic touch to your Garba look. These pieces are adaptable and can be utilized for other occasions as well.

Comfortable Footwear:

Garba includes long periods of moving, so solace is critical. Conventional juttis or mojaris (Indian footwear) are a useful and  stylish choice for your feet.

Bindi and Vibrant Makeup:

Remember to enhance your temple with a bindi, a little beautification between the eyebrows that is both representative and delightful. Complete your look with intense, lively cosmetics that underscores your eyes.

Traditional Hairstyle:

Consider meshed or bun haircuts embellished with new blossoms to accomplish a authentic and traditional look.


Rocking the traditional Garba look during Navratri is tied in with embracing the lively culture and design of India. The chaniya choli, vivid bangles, intricate jewelry, and customary extras all add to the credibility of your Garba outfit. Whether you're a carefully prepared artist or a rookie to the universe of Garba, wearing the traditional attire and frill will improve your experience and cause you to feel like a piece of this cultural celebration. Along these lines, prepare to spin, dance, and celebrate in style!

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How to Rock the Traditional Garba Look In Navratri Fashion