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How do I use an HTML template tag with jQuery?

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jQuery is a quick, little, and element rich JavaScript library. It makes things like HTML report crossing and control, occasion taking care of, movement, and Ajax a lot less difficult with a simple to-utilize API that works across a large number of programs. With a blend of flexibility and extensibility, jQuery has impacted the way that large number of individuals compose JavaScript.

jQuery Template gives us a choice or backing to show and control of the substance on the program. By utilizing the jQuery Templating we can deliver JSON string to the HTML components. Allow us to consider a basic model, we can utilize jQuery Template to show some arrangement of records that we have from an Ajax's solicitation.

A fundamental illustration of jQuery layouts

Presently we make a basic page utilizing jQuery layouts. We will just utilize the jQuery module. In this model, we will tell you the best way to make a format and render the substance from the JSON.


We should us figure out the necessity first. Assume we need to make a site page like KnowBand site to sell the modules for the internet business stage like Opencart, Prestashop and so on. We have some internet business modules or module that we need to list on KnowBand website. Thus, on the posting page, we will show the module's name, picture, and cost.

By utilizing the HTML Script Tag

In this strategy, we will compose HTML code in the content tag. The total code is given beneath:

We have made a thumbnail inside script tag for example #blog script tag and it was utilized as a format. In the above code, we have utilized  for special case factors.

By utilizing the Placeholder procedure

In this procedure, we will annex the substance in the HTML in the wake of populating the information utilizing the jQuery placeholder method.

In the above model, we have utilized ' (back-tick) as layout exacting and ${ } as a placeholder. At the point when we contrast technique 1 and strategy 2 we can undoubtedly say format exacting and placeholder makes our undertaking more straightforward. In this model, we have composed the format code in a circle and supplanted our placeholders with its relating information.


To get familiar with jQuery Templates, I suggest that you check out at the documentation for jQuery Templates at the authority jQuery site.

For any questions, kindly contact us at support@knowband.com. We additionally give custom advancement, all things considered. You can likewise track down the best eCommerce modules for Prestashop, Opencart, Magento and Magento 2 here.

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How do I use an HTML template tag with jQuery?