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How do I learn Python in a free online website with projects? I did my degree in 2018.

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Python's ubiquity is continually expanding, primarily because of its utilization in arising advancements, for example, information science, AI, and computerized reasoning. It's likewise surprised programming improvement with its productivity, adaptability, and simplicity of learning.

Right now, Python is the second most famous programming language (after JavaScript) on GitHub. Whether you need to learn Python as a total fledgling or you as of now have an involvement in coding and need to upskill yourself for better vocation prospects, this article is for you.

What Is Python?

Python is an open source and significant level programming language planned by Guido van Rossum. Delivered in 1991, this writing computer programs language's plan reasoning focuses on code lucidness, which is the reason it's one of the simplest dialects to learn.

Likewise, Python is an article arranged, intelligent, useful, procedural, and underlying language. This multitude of approaches of Python assist software engineers with composing legitimate and get code for projects free from all scales.


Python's highlights are:

a. Open source and free: Python is open source, and you can download its code for nothing to utilize and alter it for your tasks.

b. Simple to learn: Python is becoming famous on the grounds that it's not difficult to learn contrasted with different dialects. Its easier linguistic structure utilizes plain English with less intricacy. Thus, it's designer cordial and simple to code.

c. Broad libraries: Python's standard library is broad with rich modules and capabilities that assist you with finishing your ventures quicker as opposed to composing code without any preparation. You can find reusable code for processes like picture control, unit testing, CGI, and that's just the beginning. Models incorporate Django, Flask, NumPy, and SciPy.

d. Extensible: Python is exceptionally extensible with various modules to expand the center usefulness. For instance, you can add a programmable point of interaction to a current application.

e. Object-arranged: Python utilizes object-situated programming ideas, like articles, classes, legacy, information epitome, and the sky is the limit from there.

f. Deciphered and simple to investigate: Python executes code straightly, similar to Java, C, and C++. Along these lines, there's no requirement for accumulation, and troubleshooting turns out to be simple.

g. Progressively composed: Specifying a variable kind like scorch, int, twofold, and so on, isn't required in Python as it's chosen during code run time as opposed to toward the beginning. Accordingly, it simplifies programming and lessens many lines of code.

h. Compact: Python utilizes convenient code. Thus, you can utilize similar code across various stages like Windows, macOS, Unix, or Linux.

Python is a great programming language to learn and you can use it in a variety of areas in software development.

You can use Python for web development, data analysis, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and more.

In this article, I will list out 15 free Python courses for beginners.

Learn Python - Full Course for Beginners - freeCodeCamp

1. Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python) - University of Michigan

2. The Python Handbook - Flavio Copes

3. Python Tutorials for Absolute Beginners by CS Dojo - CS Dojo

4. Python Tutorial (Python for Beginners) - Programming with Mosh

5. Studytonight Python Courses - Studytonight

6. Python Crash Course for Beginners - Traversy Media

7. Python Core - SoloLearn

8. Python Basics with Sam -  freeCodeCamp

9. Python Beginner Tutorials - Pythonspot

10. Python Tutorial - PythonForBeginners

11. Automate the Boring Stuff with Python - Al Sweigart

12. Learn Python in 12 Hours (Python Tutorial For Beginners) - Edureka

13. Python Tutorial for Beginners (Learn Python in 5 Hours) - TechWorld with Nana

14. Scientific Computing with Python - freeCodeCamp

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How do I learn Python in a free online website with projects? I did my degree in 2018.