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Easy DIY Lunar New Year Decorations to Bring Prosperity and Luck into Your Home

Categories: Festivals

Lunar New Year, generally called Chinese New Year or Spring Festival, is maybe of the most celebrated and significant festivals in numerous Asian cultures. It means the beginning of the lunar calendar and is a period for family social  occasions, tasty functions, and the exchange of well-wishes for prosperity  and good luck. One of the most pleasant parts of this celebration is finishing decorating your home to good fortune for the approaching year. 

1. Lucky Red Lanterns

Lanterns are a prominent symbol during  Lunar New Year, tending to good luck and happiness. To make your own lucky red lanterns, you'll require red and gold paper, scissors, and string. Start by cutting the red paper into strips and imploding them accordion-style. Then,  carefully unfold the paper, cautiously unfurl the paper, staple or paste the closures together to frame a roundabout shape. Eliminate gold beautifications like Chinese characters for karma and delight and go along with them to the light. Finally, interface a string for hanging. Drape these lovely lamps around your home to make a joyful environment.

2. Chinese New Year Banners

Red banners, often decorated with propitious expressions, are a common sight during the Lunar New Year. To make your own, you can use red or gold paper and compose expressions, for example, "恭喜发财" (Gong Xi Fa Cai, and that signifies "Wishing you prosperity") or "福" (Fu, and that means "Good luck") with dark or gold calligraphy. Drape these pennants at your front door or in your family room to welcome ideal karma into your home.

3. Tangerine and Kumquat Trees

Tangerines and kumquats are popular fruits associated with Lunar New Year, as their names sound like the words for "luck" and "gold" in Chinese. You can make a little brightening tree using branches or twigs from your nursery or art store. Place them in a holder and connect fake tangerines, kumquats, or brilliant decorations to make a shocking focal point for your home. The tree represents development, while the regular item addresses karma and thriving.

4. Fortunate Cash Bundles (Hongbao)

The tradition of giving and getting red envelopes, or "hongbao," is a regarded Lunar New Year custom. To create your own lucky money packets, cut red or gold paper into little square shapes and overlap them into envelopes. Enhance them with bubbly images, similar to Chinese zodiac creatures, and fill them with small gifts or money for your loved ones.

5. Paper Cuttings

Chinese paper cuttings are a standard masterpiece that can be  utilized to decorate your home for Lunar New Year. All you really want is red paper and sharp scissors.  Choose a design, similar to a legendary snake, phoenix, or blossoms, and painstakingly cut it out. These mind boggling paper cuttings are accepted to avoid detestable spirits and bring good luck.

6. Spring Blossoms

Cherry blossoms and plum blooms are connected with the appearance of spring and new beginnings in Asian cultures. Make your own blooms by cutting pink or white paper into flower shapes and appending them to branches or twigs. These blossoms can be utilized to embellish your home, addressing the expectation for a new beginning in the new year.



Lunar New Year is a time of joy, unity, and the assumption for progress and luck in the year ahead.  Decorating your home with DIY Lunar New Year plans adds an effervescent touch as well as brings great karma into your living space. These easy-to-make decorations, from red lights to lucky money packs, act as tokens of the practices and social meaning of this special holiday. Embrace the spirit of the Lunar New Year by making these great beautifications and welcoming the year with open arms. Gong Xi Fa Cai - may you have a prosperous and lucky New Year!

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Easy DIY Lunar New Year Decorations to Bring Prosperity and Luck into Your Home